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Why Avoid Tulasi Leaf In Ganesh Puja - Bhakthi Visheshalu

When we perform Lord Vinayaka puja, we put many varieties of leaves and flowers. If you have noticed you don't find tulasi/ basil leave. Tulasi leave is considered most sacred leaves in Hindu religion.

     Once Lord Vinayaka was traveling beside ganga river, princess named Dharmadwaja saw lord Vinayaka and started liking him and also proposed. But lord Ganesha rejected her proposal, angry with his rejection she cursed Lord Ganesha saying you will remain as a bachelor for long period. In response to her curse, even he cursed her to remain with a demon for long period. After hearing his curse, she started pleading to rescue her from his curse. Lord Ganesha calmed himself and said you have to live with demon for short period and later get a rebirth as a sacred tulasi. This is the reason why Lord Vinayaka dislikes tulasi leave. So avoid tulasi leaf at Ganesh puja.

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