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May 2014

 Pradakshina, meaning and definitions:

Pra as an adjective means very much. Pra can also come as a prefix to verbs and take on the meaning of onward, forward.

Onward to Dakshinam or south is pradakshinam . When one does that , one's right side is facing the deity inside the garbhagraham and the circumambulation is Dakshinacharam or auspicous as recommended by the vedam . Alternative is Vaamacharam and it is taantric in character.

Unaadi sutras break up the word Dakshina into Daksh+inan , meaning as being situated in the South . Dakshina also means sincere, auspicious , dextrous and the Southern sacred fire (Dakshinagni , one of the three Vaidhigagnis ) used in Vedic sacrifices .

Yagyavalkya smruthi defines Pradakshinam as the act of circumambulation ,where one's right side is facing the object or person . Pradakshinam around the fire in Vedic marraiges, or Pradakshinam of a sacred hill like Thirumalai' or deity's garbha graham follows this rule to assure auspiciousness.

We offer coconuts during poojas, yagnas, homas and other special occasions to god. But we are unaware why should we offer coconut to god.

Fact behind coconut breaking is:
  The outer shell around the coconut resembles our ego. when we break coconut in front of the god, it shows that we are leaving our ego. As of white coconut inside the shell, we flattening our pure heart in front of him and asking his blessing to keep our life’s pure like coconut water

In another context, coconut means our body. Skin above the green coconut is our skin. Fiber resembles our flesh, shell as our spine, coconut water is our soul. Three eyes resemble our three nadis

When we perform Lord Vinayaka puja, we put many varieties of leaves and flowers. If you have noticed you don't find tulasi/ basil leave. Tulasi leave is considered most sacred leaves in Hindu religion.

     Once Lord Vinayaka was traveling beside ganga river, princess named Dharmadwaja saw lord Vinayaka and started liking him and also proposed. But lord Ganesha rejected her proposal, angry with his rejection she cursed Lord Ganesha saying you will remain as a bachelor for long period. In response to her curse, even he cursed her to remain with a demon for long period. After hearing his curse, she started pleading to rescue her from his curse. Lord Ganesha calmed himself and said you have to live with demon for short period and later get a rebirth as a sacred tulasi. This is the reason why Lord Vinayaka dislikes tulasi leave. So avoid tulasi leaf at Ganesh puja.


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