Importance Of Kasturi Kaya & Benefits

Importance Of Kasturi Kaya & Benefits

You Can Buy Original Kasturi Kaya From Here:

This is kasturi original rare piece. This item is very useful for money attraction purpose and also its very useful for many diseases like joint pain, Illusions and Mouth Diseases. In tantra you can we use this item after energizing and after energizing it, we keep it in sindur or vermilion powder. Daily we do worships Laxmi Mantra and Panchratan widhi.

We keep this item always in our cash box or at place of money, This item attract money for you, it gives success in business and always it makes you happy from everywhere. This item has ability to increase money and happiness for worshiper. For Mouth diseases you should eat one spoon paste of this piece daily for 8 days, For Illusions problem, you should wear hairs of Kasturi in your neck, For Joint Pain You should rub it with olive oil daily 2 times in the day where you have pain within 30 days you will get relief. This Item is for tantrik and ayurweda purpose.

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